Run 864 – Round and Roundabout Air France

When?   SUNDAY 14 JANUARY 2018 10:00 for 10:30 start

RUN OFF THE SEASON’s EXCESSES by joining the pack CHASE FLOUR AROUND THE remaining forests of Sophia-Antipolis, along excessively well groomed trails, in search of the local streams hoping that water levels will remain low enough for crossing. Bring dry shoes!!


On the car park at the Marti carrefour  next to:-
1201 route de Cretes,


Long & Hard:    0682690217
Iron Lady:      0623223705


Driving west to east take Cannes/Grasse exit
Driving east to west exit Antibes/Juan les Pins.

Drive north on route de la Valmasque to meet ROUTE DE PARC. Remain on this road to the BOUILLIDES roundabout. Turn right onto Route des Dolines. Keep right at next roundabout then left to the Messugues roundabout. Join up with Route de Cretes. Pass Agasses roundabout. Next roundabout will be Marti.

If you join the Route de Cretes at the Dollines roundabout don’t panic. Continue ’til you meet the Marti roundabout.

ONON Nearby:

Don’t hesitate to contact a hare if you need more details, assistance or have specific dietary requirements.


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