Join Contessa and Pedo for a 2018  RHHH return to  
Bussana & Bussana Vechia, Italie on Nov 4th.
Beerstop at the home of cultural icon Colin Wilmot!
 Feel the phantoms, meet the artists!
Meet the phantoms and feel the artists! 
Meet, drink and feel the beer!

10:30 for 11:00
Copious 3 course Italian lunch on the seafront , negotiated at a special price by Colin with wine and digestivo included !
Find attached, take your choice, a two page .doc and .pdf , Directions and Details, including
Remembering….12 Years Hashing Riviera del Fiora’
Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday for Bussana Revisited! 
Contessa and Pedo
Full instructions here or here.

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