What the heck are Hash House Harriers ?

We really meant it: “A drinking club with a running problem”OK, you don’t have to be an alcoholic to join, but nor do you need to be a top athlete.

Lesson 1 : The Trail

Follow that Blob!

trailblobsThe basic intent is to allow a bunch of people to run (or walk) around the countryside following a trail of flour, so that they can disengage their minds and just enjoy themselves, meet other folks and visit places they might not have otherwise seen.Walkers follow the W or the person in front and hope they aren’t lost too!To cater for slower runners, we hide the trail every now and again, with what we call a Check:

Lesson 2 : The Check

Start Looking for the Trail!

checkThe idea is that the FRBs (Front Running B*****ds) dash around like lunatics, satisfying their own macho cravings for extreme physical exertion and the desire of lesser mortals (who can think of far more interesting ways to obtain their physical exertion) to wander along when the FRBs have finished all the hard work and saunter off on the right path – that is of course, providing they did find the right path…

Lesson 3 : The False Trail

Turn around and go back to the last check πŸ™‚


You see, just to be sure the slower folks catch up, we plant a few False Trails too.    When the FRBs find those, they have to come back to the last Check and look for the other real trail, (and hope it isn’t another false trail)As it tends to get a little warm in our neck of the woods, we usually offer drinks somewhere near half way round, as well as drinks at the end of the run.Oh yeah.. and there’s another circle thingy at the end and we have a little chat about the run.  A meal is usually organised for after the run, but that’s not mandatory.  To find out more, you’ll just have to come along, won’t you πŸ™‚For more about the history, click here to visit a site that tells you about the origins of Hashing.For links to other clubs in France or within a few hours drive here, and even to the 2000 odd clubs around the world  (odd being the appropriate word…).