Run 853

The hares – Supermarket Trolley and Farty Bum

Meet at 10h30 for 11h00

Venue – Villeneuve Loubet, off the roundabout on the Grasse / Roquefort road. 

HHHi Hashers,

Next hash, brought to you by Supermarket Trolley and Farty Bum, will be held in Villeneuve Loubet, starting from the area off the roundabout with the cut-out of the cavalier on the Grasse/Roquefort road.
There are three roundabouts along this road – one at the exit from the auto-route coming from Nice, one at the college/salle des sports/ media-tech etc (which is the one with the cut-out cavalier), and the third roundabout is the one by the bridge entering the village of Villeneuve Loubet.
When you turn in from this cavalier roundabout, go to the left, past the football field, police station, college etc and continue back behind where the parking lots are.  We decided to use the media-tech parking this time, which is more to the left than the one we’ve used at other hashes.

Time will be 10:30 for 11:00. 

More precise directions may be posted later in the week, but most of you know where it is.
Contact numbers: 

Supermarket Trolley  06 14 67 79 87

Farty Bum  04 93 20 22 91

See you there!

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  1. If the directions to the start are not confusing enough for you, please see this short addendum by FartyBum.
    Hi Hashers,
    Goreous Edna has asked for more complete instructions to the run, so here is how to get there by autoroute from the west.
    I haven’t checked this out for awhile, but I believe the following is correct:
    Coming from the west, there are two Villeneuve Loubet exits – number 46 which exits at Marina Baie des Anges, and Number 47, which exits onto the RN7.
    Number 47 MIGHT be labelled Cagnes-sur-mer (I haven’t checked it for so long) but I don’t think it is. Anyway, 47 is the one you want.
    It will bring you out onto the RN7, just where they have widened the road a bit, and added 2 barriers of plastic hedges (on your right).
    Turn off to the right at the first opportunity, immediately after the plastic hedges, probably labelled Grasse, Roquefort-les-pins, Villneuve Loubet village.
    Follow the road down to the left and under the RN7, and continue straight ahead, ignoring the roundabout on your left.
    Next roundabout will be the one with the cut-out cavalier, where you turn off to the right.
    Immediately turn left and go past the carting track, the football field, the gendarmerie, Salle Romee etc, and further back to
    where the parking lots are.
    We decided to use the Media-Tech parking, which is a little more to the left than the one Jobsworth used last time.
    Hopefully the parking will not be too full up. They were all pretty full this afternoon because there were a lot of events going on, but Sunday morning should be calmer.
    Gorgeous Edna, please confirm that you have seen this. I usually drive around to verify all signposts etc, but have not done that this time.
    Anybody else with a question please ask quickly before I go to bed.
    Coming by autoroute from Nice is easy – exit at number 47 and go straight ahead towards the village, ignoring the roundabout on your left.
    On On

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