Run 880 – Its Cumming Home?

HHHi All,
If ‘home’ is Bordighera, then yes ‘its’ cumming home!
After an absence of only NINE years, Riviera HHH is returning to Bordighera!
Hares: Cumalot with Contessa
When: 10:15 for 10:45 start to fit in with the FIFA World Cup Final (see below)
Where: Piazza Edmondo de Amicis, see below for directions Click here for Map
OnInn: Restaurant VALDISOGNO, 
Price: huge Italian meal for €26 including wine, coffee, aperitif  lots and lots of food.


Autoroute (e.g. 65 kms from Antibes, tolls c. € 8.00)

Drive the autoroute A8 from France, which becomes the A10 in Italie,  passing Ventimiglia to the next exit Bordighera, then wind your way down theSP57, or Via del Colli, and take this zig-zag road a few kms, down towards the seafront, but before reaching the city, across the street from the Hotel de Capo,  take care to turn off to the Right into the Parking of the Centro Historico (Parking Piazza del Capo) of Bordighera Alta.  You will be in a big open parking space next to the Place de Petanque and tables of card players. You can park freely, anywhere spaces are marked with white paint (not blue).

Click here for Map takes.coffeehouse.rapport

Driving from Bord de Mer – take the coastal road out of Menton, passing through Latte, (where Conad supermarket offers good deals) then  to Ventimiglia,following signs through the town (direction San Remo).You will pass through  Camporosso and Vallecrosia towns, (in total only 5 kms from Ventimiglia) arriving on the main street of Bordighera, ( Via Vittoria Emanuele). The easiest way to find the Parking for the Hash is to follow the green Autostrada signs which will lead after a few turns, on to the Via dei Colli. You will turn Left into the big parking de Capoat the Centro Historico/Alta Bordighera. (see info above) 


Please note, the coastal route is SLOWER!

By Train from France

Trains leave (tous les jours) for example from Antibes/Nice and will arrive at Ventimiglia’s station.

You will then need to jump a local train to Bordighera, and all trains going in the direction of Milano or Genova, stop in Bordighera, check Departures in the station on the big sign on wall  near ticket windows. The trip is very short (only 5 kms) and takes abt 4 minutes). 


When coming out in the Bordighera station, (after taking  passage under the tracks, from the Right side of the station)   walk along seafront (dir Left)  up Promenade Argentina or through town on main street Via Vittoria Emanuele (heading Right) following dir of the green autostrada signs, or  turning Left on to Via 20 Settembre which will take you on the picturesque walk towards Centro Historico. Abt a 12 min walk to the  Hash parking from the station. 

**cyclists – possible to bring your bike for free on the Fr TAM trains, and cycle from Ventimiglia to Bordighera! 5 kms, mostly flat. Until reaching hill of the Parking, Piazza del Capo.  

Apparently there is a ‘sporting event’ starting at 17:00 CEST in which fans of Belgium and Croatia and France might be interested (England v. France surely?) but there will be ample time to return home or stay on and watch in a bar in Italy.
Italy didn’t qualify.
So the bars will be empty, right?
For some history on Bordighera click  this ….
NB if anyone is wondering what the “Football’s Coming Home” is about on the anglo-internet at the moment, its this song about English Football failure but also hope…

Anyway, more details tomorrow!
Tel: 06 27 05 81 10‬

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  1. Looks like a nice place to spend a couple of days. Wish i could be there for the hash..ENJOY

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