HHHI all,

As announced in January 2018 the AGM is tomorrow night at Farty Bum’s place:

Date: 27/1/2019

Time: 18:30 for 19:00

29 Avenue des Sources, Villeneuve Loubet

Click here for map

This is the agenda:-

0) Apologies

i) Confirmation of Minutes of previous AGPU/AGM

ii) GM – annual statement

iii) Financial Report: By Sadist

iv) (re)-Election of Mis-Management:

ALL these positions are up for election, Current MisMan (according the Website):-

  • GM:                             Cumalot
  • RA:                              Jobsworth
  • 2nd RA:                      Padre
  • Beer Organiser:        FartyBum
  • Beer Master :            Pedophil
  • Hash Cash:                FartyBum
  • Hare Raiser:              Supermarket Trolley
  • Hash Banker:            Sadist
  • Hash Publicist:          LevretteWebshite and FB updater: Cumalot
  • Hash Haberdasery:  Pedophil 

And unofficially …

  • Hash Flash: Spanish Fly
  • Acting RA: Cumalot while Jobsworth is indisposed

ALL these positions are up for election

v) Away Weekend 2019:  Albenga again?

vi) New Haberdashery : Padre

vii) A.O.B. – Any Other Business

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