Run 878 – Meeting in the Monastery known for Miracles

HHHi All,

Inviting all Hashers to join us on July 1st.
LAGHET Sanctuaire de Notre Dame (3 kms from La Turbie)
 A’ 1st’ in Hashing History – a new place to explore known for Miracles!

Hares Contessa and Padre.

Start at 2pm for 2:30,  an afternoon Hash.
Diner at 7pm   €16
All you need to know on the attached .pdf
Please let Contessa know if you plan to join us for  a very Holy Dinner.

On On


P.S. Cumalot here… Contessa is back in style and has prepared a super trail and very reasonably priced meal for us. €16 !!!

She has also been very kind to us and told was all in great detail about the trail. More that most of you lot deserve 🙂

However, if you want to be less informed don’t read the last (third) page of the attached PDF which in true Contessa style is beautifully presented.

She could of course be being a devious Hare and leading all up the garden path.

Come next Sunday and find out!

And please, pretty please with knobs on, tell Contessa if you want come to this unique meal ASAP 



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