Better late than never productions presents!

R*n 887 – Sunday – 21 Oct – 10:30 – 11:00 – Villeneuve Loubet (bord de mer)

Hare: Farty Bum!

The hash will start in Villeneuve Loubet (bord de mer) at the top of the hill, in the parking lot just off the RN7 where the entrance to the autoroute is.  Also the post office is there, and the school Anthony Fabre.
Coming from Nice by the bord de mer you pass the hippodrome and the Giant Casino.  Just after the Giant Casino turn right and drive along the side of the Giant Casino, following signs to the A8.  At the small roundabout at the back of the Casino go left up the hill.  The parking lot is there at the top on your left.
Coming from Antibes by autoroute or by the bord de mer, you will drive past the big pyramids of Marina.  BEFORE the giant casino, turn left following the signs to the A8, drive along the SIDE of Casino to the small roundabout, then go up the hill to the parking lot at the top left.
Coming from Antibes by the RN7, just drive along to the big roundabout next to the autoroute entrance. Turn right and the parking lot is right there.
Coming from Nice by autoroute, exit at Villeneuve Loubet.  At the big roundabout outside the exit turn left ( do NOT go straight ahead towards VL village and Roquefort).  Drive up the lefthand lane beside the roundabout and turn onto the RN7.  Continue to the next roundabout and turn left (sign says A8).  The parking lot is right there.
Here will be some rough terrain so wear good walking shoes and bring a walking stick if you have one, for the rough section.
Farty Bum
Tel: 07823 64764‬
Food Info:
I finally got around to speaking to a restaurant.
It’s the one we went to the day of my very rainy run on the day of the Nice marathon two or three years ago (in Villeneuve Loubet village, beside the bridge).
Everyone agreed that day that their food was very good!
They are open on Sunday and would be glad to have us again.  (She remembers us.)
I told her we would be ten to twenty, depending on the weather.
She would like to know a little more exactly, so could you please let me know if you’re planning to come (and also if you’re planning NOT to come).
I already know Padre will be there, and that Duchesse is in Tuscany, so you two don’t have to answer, but everyone else, please let me know.  (Why not right this very minute – that way you won’t forget.)
This lady is very pleasant and their food is good, so ….let’s be havin’ yez !!!

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